It’s dark out…. really dark…. I think I should get a flashing LED light so I don’t get run over while walking home… I can put it on my laptop case… and perhaps have it spell out “I – M – A – D – O – R – K” in morse code: .. — .- -.. — .-. -.- . That would be hot!! ;)

Work is getting interesting… my “project from hell” has been successfully tested and given the OK to be moved into Production. The end user sent an email outlining how they know it will not work in production and has no confidence in it… The “positive attitude” is overwhelming… Another one of my projects should be ready to start testing tomorrow – a few days ahead of schedule… perhaps this will help my cause a bit…

On the bus ride to work I looked out the window and saw the city workers in charge of mowing the grass next to the road having to deal with all of the political signs. Most of the signs ended up in the back of their truck… including most of the Yes on Prop 8 signs… I did notice that several of the No on Prop 8 signs remained – I assume they were placed right next to the sidewalk so it was easy to mow next to them… but then again perhaps they were showing their disapproval of Prop 8.. regardless the result is good… more viability for the No signs… I assume the Mormon church will just buy more signs and pay someone to install them….

John went grocery shopping today at Trader Joe’s in preparation for our camping trip this weekend. He even purchased a pumpkin for me to carve… We received our campsite assignment and John thinks we will not have water or electricity for the weekend… no big deal… I plan on being outside and social more then using water and electricity in the motor home…. If I get cold at night, I can snuggle with Prince and John….

I brought home a “Newman’s Own Sweet Dark Espresso Dark Chocolate” organic candy bar for John … just because I love him….

We still have not heard about our “good news” yet… at least not yet… maybe tomorrow….

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