Hello all, John here.

Last night the carrier that was transporting the Subaru here called to arrange delivery of the car.  We agreed to an early AM time of 6:00, so I was ready and waiting this am for his call.  He didn’t make it here until 6:45, the traffic in this area is truly insane.  More on that in a few minutes…


Subaru on the Transport

John, the owner/operator of Hyland Transportation was the driver.  He was very professional, and had nice equipment.  We talked a few minutes about trucking while he unloaded two other cars that were on behind the Subaru.  The car arrived damage free, and in a timely manner.  I would certainly recommend Hyland, and the Broker I used, Executive Auto Transport (<a href=”http://www.executiveautotransport.com/”  title=”www.executiveautotransport.com”>www.executiveautotransport.com</a>).  Here is a picture of the Subaru on the truck:\

Derek still wanted to be driven to work, I think he is getting spoiled.  So after dropping him off, I made a run to Lowes to replace my garden sprayer that I had to chuck a while ago (my last one had metal components that didn’t care for the solvents I used in it…).  I got a cheap plastic on this time, and some Ant/Insect insecticide.  We haven’t had any bug problems here, but one lesson we learned in Tampa was not to wait until we do.  I wanted to make sure the creepy crawly bugs were anywhere but crawling in our site/motor home.

After spraying for bugs, I pulled the engine cover and filled the sprayer with a biodegradable degreaser.  Buck insists my radiator is dirty, and even though I disagree with him, I needed to be sure that is not the cause.  I cleaned it from inside and out this time.  The run off water certainly wasn’t as dirty as the first time I cleaned it, but it wasn’t clean either, so he may have some point to his logic.  We will see next trip we take.  That took the majority of the morning, but since today was a “Water Day” I wanted to get it done.

My next project was to get the headlight on the car fixed, I knew it was out when we left, but just didn’t have time to deal with it before.  I also wanted to get the car serviced, and washed.  The speedy lube place did a decent job, I was going to have them change the headlight, but they didn’t have the correct bulb.  So had to run over to WalMart, and ended up finding they only had one of the shelf…  Must be a run on H1 bulbs this week?  Either way I got it, and got it installed.  Then figured I would try the car wash a couple exits up, which was a full service wash.  It was a bit pricey, but they did do a nice job.  Had a whole tribe of Mexicans working hard on it for a good 20 minutes.  It was sort of cool to see all the exotic cars being washed there, a Porsche, a Lamborghini, and even a brand new Bentley.  The owner of the Bentley made me laugh, she was probably someone famous, but came tooting out of the car wash office with her head held high and botoxed lips that stuck out from her face 2 inches.  She was quite stuck on herself, and I was secretly hoping one of the Mexicans would slip with a hose or bucket.  :)

That was about the extent of my day.  I went to get Derek at work, and now we are just chilling out here.

So, the traffic here is brutal.  It really isn’t a case of morons, though there are a few, it is mostly just too many cars and not enough road.  Most drivers here are fairly courteous, and even drive fairly well.  You get an occasional jackass that won’t let you merge, or has to zip around everyone on an exit only lane, but it is actually fairly rare compared to most major urban areas.  The one sector of the motorway population I don’t understand are the motorcyclists.  Now, I have never been a big bike fan, but I respect those riders, they have just as much right to the road as I do.  Since we got into California, I have noticed they seem to rule to roads here.  Apparently it is legal to “Ride the line” or between cars on the interstate, or even on the local roads.  They Zip in and out of traffic, and sneak up on you all over.  It just boggles me why, even if you can and have the right, why would you want to take risks like that on a vehicle that offers you absolutely no protection?  Then, they get in packs and literally overtake the entire freeway, going fast, and going slow, and being generally a total nuisance.  When we were coming through Sacramento on the way here, and entire pack of them cut right in front of us and slowed way down.  I had all I could do to avoid hitting them, then they started playing games like switching spots, and getting in my blind spots, then speeding way up, and slowing way down.  Why?  36,000 lbs of Motor home is gonna fuck up you and your bike, why mess around like that?  Are you REALLY THAT STUPID?

OK enough ranting…  So far we seem to be fitting in well here, though the area is a bit more suburban that we like, it is safe and really clean.  I am looking forward to going back into the city tomorrow.

Have a good night.


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