Greetings from a pleasant Livermore, CA. Work is going fine… I have not received my computer yet, do not credentials to log into any systems and don’t have any development software… so I’m still going over the same documentation that I read five times yesterday…. oh well….

It looks like the days of John driving me to work and picking me up are almost done with. John received a call from the truck driver who is transporting the Subaru and he will be dropping it off early tomorrow morning… like 6:00am early. I asked John to drive me to work yet tomorrow… I assume my car will be very dirty, the battery will be dead and it is low on gas. It also needs an oil change. Perhaps John will consider it to be his little project for tomorrow… but probably not…

John was talking to our neighbor, Merle, and he said that the Trailer Park Queen called him to see what he thought of us. He said she wanted to know if were were “dirty people” and if we were making lots of noise…. John was not impressed…. but all in all the trailer park here is fine. It is quiet, we have grass and a patio – so life is good.

I found out that I can get a free buss pass each month from my employer. So I filled out the internet form and the ticket will be sent to me at work… The ticket normally goes for $53.00 a month – so I will believe it when I actually receive it. But if it works out I can go to work and back for free… which is a good price… Then I can spend more money on John.

I asked John to purchase a picnic table for the patio. The last time we had one was at the trailer park in Bloomington, IL…. He will probably purchase the kit table that you have to put together and paint. Another fun project for him. I’m afraid that John will get bored here and start rewiring the Winnebago or build another ham radio antenna.

On Saturday we are planning on heading back to San Francisco. Our main point of interest is going to Fisherman’s Warf, Alcatraz and etc.. We will need to do some planning so we know where to get off the train, what street cars to take and etc.

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