Greetings from a bright and sunny Livermore, CA! I made it though my second day of work at the “major integrated managed care organization”. Today I received my security badge – otherwise known as my “Dork Tag”. I think the picture on this tag wins the prize for “looking like I need to fart in a picture” award… oh well – at least I don’t need to stand by various locked doors and look really sad for the security guards to let me in.

I still don’t have a computer yet – so I’m going over more documentation and reading tutorials on some technical web sites. Today I brushed up on object oriented javascript techniques and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). One thing about designing web applications is that you need to constantly learn about new stuff….

Project Runway just came on – that is my favorite show on TV now…. I’m not sure what the allure of watching designers create clothing, but it is like crack to me… I just eat it up… Makes me want to get my sewing machine up and whip up a new outfit for John or Prince.

Today John washed the exterior of the RV, dropped of some stuff I sold on ebay at the UPS Store, and set up the ham radio antenna. Now I need to load the various ham radio software packages on the new laptop…. He said that he did not hear much on the radio – the band was probably dead – or we are in a valley and there is not much ham activity in the area… time will tell…

Not much else going on … I need to concentrate on Project Runway…. I don’t want to miss anything…

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