Hello all John here.

As you have read we have survived the trip, so here is my take…

Overall went very well. Fuel usage came in a bit lower than expected, with a touch overall mileage increase. Final numbers come in at $1,238.79 spent on just fuel, for a distance of 2093.6 miles. That works out to 7.931 Miles per Gallon, and a Cost per Mile of $.59. Yes, it has gotten really expensive to travel.

Mechanically the motor home ran well. We did have a few tense moments of hot radiator, but worked through it. Buck says my radiator isn’t clean, but I beg to differ, he is comparing a coach 4 feet less, and at-least 5,000 lbs lighter to our coach, plus he was pulling a much lighter towed vehicle. The rear radiator is manageable, but certainly not a brilliant design. The only mechanical problem we ran into was our freshwater pump decided to fail. We were not terribly upset as it is a minor repair, and we understand the old pump was almost 8 years old. We replaced it with the new Shurflow 5.7 pump we picked up at Camping World yesterday in Rocklin, CA. So, I would say we had a successful trip.

Today, we didn’t do a whole lot, we kinda needed some down time after 4 days on the road. I started in on the pump repair right away this AM, only to take it out and manage to crack the strainer as I removed it from the old pump. I had a new one in my hand at Camping World, and put it down because “for $20.00 I can reuse the old one and just rinse the screen off!”. Well, my tightassedness gained me a parts run. We found a RV dealer in Livermore that is quite large, and they are also a Winnie Dealer… The strainer cost us an extra $7.00… Anyhow, it’s done, and works well.

Derek also wanted to run to get new shoes, so we took care of that, and headed back to the park. He later did Laundry, in which he finally met Lori, the Trailer Park Queen, who accused him of cutting through other’s lots to get to the laundromat. I hope this isn’t a sign of how she is going to treat us.

We just got done with dinner, Derek made a couple steaks on the grill that we had in the freezer. So, on with our exciting lives! Only now in Cali! This weekend we will probably take the BART line into the city and explore some…

That’s all for now,


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