6:00AM PST
Greetings from Reno, NV. It feels good to know that we are now in the fourth year of this blog.

John is outside doing something right now – probably checking the truck to make sure it is properly connected and etc.

Here is a picture of where we spent last evening:

John returned – we are heading over to the fuel pump now..

8:42am PST

We are now about 125 miles away from our destination. The drive today has been bumpy. I-80 since Reno has been very hilly and rough. I think the tire chains in the winter chew up the roads pretty bad – for awhile the motor home was really shaking and rattling. Right now we are going through Auburn, CA and starting to get onto some nicer roads, but also some city traffic.

At the California border we had to stop at an Agricultural Inspection station. A guy came into the motor home and inspected our refrigerator for fruits and vegetables. We did not have anything that excited him, so we were on our way in just a few minutes…

In Reno we purchased 93.385 gallons of fuel at 4.709 a gallon – the most expensive fuel so far. The scenery today has been the prettiest of the trip. Lots of rough mountain terrain with lots of tall pine trees and ocasional streams and lakes. We went through Donner’s pass and the Taho are – the temps were in the mid-40′s at the higher elevations – which helped to keep the motor home’s engine cool going up some large hills. The overheating buzzer did not turn on at all so far today…

We just received a phone call from Lynn at the St. Louis RV Park – the Subaru has been picked up by the car hauler. So we should be on track for delivery next Friday.

I took lots of pictures of the scenery in the mountains – I will post a few this afternoon – once we get settled in and etc.

It looks like we are pretty much getting out of the mountains now and into a more populated area.

3:00 pm PST


More rugged landscape

We are here and all setup. The mobile home park seems decent. Our site has a cement patio, little storage shed, some grass and trees. Here is a picture of the RV all settled in:


we saw lots of gold colored hills covered with power generating windmills on our way into Livermore, CA


All setup in the mobile home park

We just got done reading our lease and signing paperwork. The owner has lots of rules and it seems like they run a decent place. Time will tell. We meet most of our immediate neighbors – they all seemed nice. Mostly older guys who have been here for years. One of the neighbors explained to us that the previous occupant on our lot had to haul off several loads to crap before he finally got his mobile park out of here. I think they were glad to see him out of here.

Right now John is attempting to get the satellite dish tuned in. I suspect that the trees will be blocking the signal. The previous tenant left a dish setup on a pole at the front of the lot – we will see if it happens to work.

Anyway – we are here all safe and sound. Tomorrow we will explore the area and figure out how to get to where I will be working. I need to get the interior of the motor home cleaned and back into something resembling normality. Tonight will be “CDL driver appreciation night” – I need to be extra nice to John because he did a great job of driving and I’m sure he needs to relax….

Thank you to everyone who followed our trip. The emails, shout-it-outs and etc were appreciated. We didn’t feel so lonely on the open road.

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