9:00 AM

Greetings from Utah! We are now at mile marker 187 – about an hour away from Salt Lake City. We spent last night at a Little America travel center in Wyoming. We planned on staying at the Flying-J in Rock River, but it was a big cluster fuck…. they did not have very much parking and they were filled up with semi trucks. John was not happy because we was ready to get off the road, but we drove another 30 miles down the road and found the Little America travel center. I saw lots of signs for it so I looked them up on the intenet and found that they had plenty of parking in paved lots. We got parked at 11:30pm MST and I went straight to bed while John checked his email and etc.

We got up around 6:30 am, got showered and etc in the motor home and went over to the fuel island. We purchased 90 gallons at 4.559 a gallon. John said that should have purchased another 10 gallons but his finger slipped, the pump turn off and it was easier not to deal with it….

Our overall mileage is 7.6 MPG and yesterday we averaged 7.5. Going over the Salt Flats today should help the mileage a bit…

We got on the road by 7:30 MST and the driving has been pretty decent.

The water pump stopped working while I was showering this morning – John checked it out and said it was very warm to the touch. After a few minutes it started to work again. We assume it is nearing the end of it’s useful life – so we will stop and pick up a new one if we happen to see a RV dealer off the interstate. I think John wants to get a larger pump then the one we have.

10:30 AM MST

We’ve made it through Salt Lake City, past the Great Salt Lake and are now on the Salt Flats. The salt is very white – so it looks like snow and ice. We just pasted a Morton Salt processing plant. I’m not sure I like knowing where their salt comes from – it does not look overly clean… I took a bunch of pictures that I will posted – eventually…

The traffic was not bad going through Salt Lake City, but it was still big city traffic. Right now we around around 460 miles away from Reno, NV… We will probably spend the night in Reno and see if we can meet up with Micki…

11:35 AM PST

We are now in Nevada traveling through the Sierra-Nevada mountains – mile marker 362. Will be stopping in a bit at a Flying-J for lunch and to give John a break. Once we got past the Salt Flats – the mountains were not the easiest to go up – long steep inclines. The motor home protested now and then with a buzzing noise when it was getting too hot. The rear radiator on it is not very efficient – so it can overheat pretty easily. Kinda frustrating for John because it actually has lots of power…

The mountains here are very scenic – most have snow on them near the peaks. We received a phone call from the truck driver who will be picking up the Subaru in St. Louis today – sounds like he will probably pick it up tomorrow morning and then deliver it to us next Friday or Saturday. We will make due with John’s truck. We are now getting close to Well’s, NV – we are listening to the local whore house “advertising” on the CB… the hookers chat on the CB to get business… it is hilarious listening to them… one trucker asked if he could bring his wife along to watch the ladies dance… and the answer is – Yes – they do not discriminate – only accomodate

Anyway… we are at the Flying-J – time for a break…

5:03 PM PST

We are now 69 miles away from Reno, NV – at mile marker 81. The scenery has been looking the same all afternoon – mountains in the distance on both sides with lots of sand, rocks and scrub brush. My butt is sore from sitting all day. I asked John if he would pull over along the side of the road so I could find some pretty rocks to take with us, and get my 8-track player out – but he refused. Along the road I see “rock grafhetti” – people have collected small stones and spelled their names and etc. with them. It would be cool to find a bare spot and spell out “www.johnandderek.com” – but it would probably take me too long….

Inside the RV is warm – 89°. John has the dash air on, but does not want to run the generator because it take 1/2 a gallon of diesel every hour to run. At least the diet Lipton tea is cool…

Our lunch break at the Flying-J earlier today was interesting – they had a small diner that served American and Mexican food and a casino. It was very tacky – lots of 1980′s brown and beige. I just had soup and salad bar. After eating John put a few dollars worth of quarters he had in his pocket into one of the slot machines. On one of the spins he got 5 quarters back, but they were put back in… our small donation to Nevada gambling.

We were hoping to meet up with Micki in Reno, but so far no reply to our emails and we don’t have her cell phone number… oh well….

Not much else going on…. I’m going to listen to some more old Dragnet radio show on my iPod and try to keep cool…

6:25 PM PST

We have stopped in Reno for the evening. We had a bit of luck and was able to find a place to park. Prince seems happy to be out of his box – he is chowing down and drinking some water…

8:30 PM PST

Supper was fine… we did the buffet and I enjoyed the salad bar more then the rest of the entrees. After eating we went to the casino and each put $20.00 in the slot machines. I played for around 10 minutes and got two red and one blue 7′s and got a payout of 160 quarters ($40.00) – so I stopped. John was down quite a bit and got bored and cashed out what he had left. We decided to keep the quarters to use for when we do laundry. Once back at the RV, I was bored so I counted and wrapped the quarters – we ended up being $11.00 ahead… we’re such big gamblers…. oh well… at least we don’t need to worry about getting quarters for awhile…

The time zone difference is starting to catch up to us… It is only 8:34pm here, and it feels much later to us… John is already sleeping and I will join him once I get some pictures uploaded.


This is what most of Kansas was like... flat, green and boring...

I just realized that today is the third anniversary of this blog. My very first blog entry was on August 2nd, 2005. Starting tomorrow I will be able to go back four years for any given date… Very Cool! John did not think that I would keep the blog up for very long… going back and looking at my older postings I’ve noticed that they were not very long… seems like they have steadily been getting longer and longer.. especially during this trip….

Anyway…. here’s some pictures for the last few days:


Starting to get some hills in the distance in Wyoming ... there's some windmills on top of these...


Starting to get more rugged terrain in Wyoming


Sinclair refinery


Snow capped mountains in the distance


Mountain lake


The Salt Flats in Utah... so white it looks like snow..


another pic of the Salt Flats


Rough terrain in the Sierra Nevada's

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