Greetings from a temperate Livermore.

Work on Friday was typical – I still do not have the development software that I need to actually do some work. So I spent the day going through some more online e-learning classes. I assume I will get the the necessary software on Monday. I also have some meeting to attend – so I will probably be able to start getting down to business next week…

This morning I made breakfast for John and then went and checked out four different thrift shops in town. None of them were anything special. I purchased a few computer games that were new in the box. I assume they were dumped off at a thrift shop by a software development company because there was lots of each title…. I then got my hair cut at a Cost Cutters. They actually did a decent job…

This afternoon I had my first meal at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant here in Livermore. They have a unique concept – a very simple menu – hamburger, cheeseburgers, fries and drink. The fries are cut fresh on site and the hamburger is fresh. I thought the cheeseburger was good, but did not care for the fries – they were cut shoestring style and did not have much flavor….. I like fries that are cut larger… oh well…..

Then we took a trip to Oakland, CA to check out the Ham Radio Outlet store. The GPS got us close to the store, but directed us to the wrong location. We managed to drive around for a minutes and found it… it was located close to the Bay in between some marinas… This is the first HRO store we have been to. John ordered all of our ham radios from them via mail order. The store was smaller then I expected, but they did have some cool radio on display. John made a contact to another ham operator in Illinois on a Yaesu FT-950. John purchased a Diamond SX-100 SWR Meter to monitor the Standing Wave Ratio of the antenna and to help keep the antenna tuned properly.

On the way back home from Oakland, we stopped at a flea market that is close to the Oracle Arena – where the Oakland A’s play. The flea market mostly catered to people of Mexican descent. We saw lots of typical stuff – t-shirts, socks, clothing, CD’s, DVD’s, old electronic items and lots of junk. John purchased some fuel cans for his little stove. He paid $1.00 a can for for of them – not too bad… even if you add in the $2.50 we paid for admission. Anyway it was a fun to check everything out….

This week I sent an email to the ham radio operator, Den, that I meet aboard the USS Pampanito submarine. He replied back that he is putting together a schedule for the next few months and will let you know I can come and be a “guest operator”. I’m looking forward to it…

Tonight John is making some contacts on the ham radio. He just made a contact with a guy in Texas…. Last week John went on a job interview, but I’m not allowed to say anything about it. He is waiting for the results of a background check…. I assume a rigorously protected CDL will help his cause…..

We don’t many plans for tomorrow.. I need to do laundry, go to the library and spend some time cleaning house…. not very exciting… but necessary….

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