Greetings from a hot and humid Livermore…. It got into the mid-90′s today, but there is still a cooling breeze coming in from the east.

I finally received my work laptop and sign-in credentials today around 3:30pm. Now I’m waiting for the development software (Domino Designer) that I need to start working… perhaps tomorrow.

John did something today, but I’m now allowed to say anything about it. He has been working on ham radio antennas and also making some contacts with the radio. Last evening he made some contacts via PSK31 in Montana and Arkansas. He won an ebay auction for a new compact antenna that will enable him to tune in 80 meters. Another toy for John to play with ;)

I’m starting to think about what to do this weekend. I want to stay around Livermore and do some exploring. One thing that I will do is to check out the local thrift shops and see if I find any good items to sell on ebay. You can tell much about a community by what they give away to Goodwill. I have no idea what to expect… but that is the fun thing about checking out resale shops…. and I have a little shed here to put my finds in until they are sold…

Another goal is to find a place to get my hair cut. This can be a challenge, because I perfer to go to a salon… but I might have to settle for less because most good salons are booked up…. I need to find a handsome young hair stylist to fawn over me….

I’ve started to read a new book – it is “Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate” by Doris Miles Disney. The title refers to punch cards and what was often printed on them in hopes that consumers would return them in a readable format. So far the book is kinda lame… a group of ladies fills out a computer dating questionnaire for a imaginary girl… just for giggles so they can read the letters that potential boyfriends write to her… it is all fun and games until a psychopath does not think it is funny…. I Googled the title and discovered that the book was made into a cheesy made for TV movie staring Helen Hayes and Myrna Loy….

Anyway… I finally got my iTunes library transferred over to the new Mac and it is working properly – complete with my play lists, ratings and etc. It feels like progress… Now I’m going to spend some time playing Railroad Tycoon 3…

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