I’m typing this while watching this week’s Project Runway 5. My favorite contestant is Stella – I like to call her “Bad Cher” – because she looks like what Cher would be like if she turned into a hard core “biker chick”. She is into working with leather and is often filmed pounding grommets and studs into patches of leather. I like to yell out “Bad Cher” when she hammers away.. This is my favorite show… and after 5 seasons it still does not feel repetitive or clique to me yet.

We received our first mail shipment since being in California. It will cost us more each week because it has to go further… they will send our mail out on Thursday each week and we will receive it the following Wednesday. We had two bills to pay and the rest was magazines and misc stuff….

Going to and from work on the bus is starting to feel routine. The only part that I needed to fine tune a bit was when to press the cable to let the driver know when to let me off. Yesterday I pulled it too soon and was let off at a location that was further way from the mobile home park then the next stop up. Tonight I pulled it at the correct time and was let off exactly where I wanted… I like having time on the bus to read books, magazines or play with my iPod Touch. I also like getting some exercise walking to the bus stops and into work.

I still do not have my computer, log in credentials or development software. I ran into my manager today around 1:40pm and she let me know that I will get my computer by the end of the day… good news, but did not get it… I assume it will happen tomorrow…. I’m starting to think the last week has been “the calm before the storm” – because several projects have already been assigned to me….. which is good… I like to be busy….

I spent the last two days finishing up the JavaScript tutorial and doing a course on “Defensive Programming” – it basically went into programing techniques and methodologies that should be use so your project does not end up being a mess, provide invalid data and become unusable. This goes with my basic programming philosophy of “just don’t make a mess”. The best programming advise that I give to other programmers is to “make sure you really understand how something works before you make any changes to it….”

John made a delicious supper. He prepared a large pork roast with carrots, potatoes, onion and mushrooms – along with his secret sauce. It was very moist and tender. Yummy!!

I need to get going and continue working on getting all of the iTunes library transferred over to the new computer. Right now I have most things transferred, except for my play lists and movies….

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