Greetings from the Rustic Barn RV Park in beautiful Kieler, WI. We made our way here from Des Moines, IA in around 5 hours (including a $4.669 a gallon fuel stop at a Flying-J). It feels naughty not having to be back in St. Louis on Monday for work…. ;)

We had a wonderful weekend with new and old friends at the Saylorville Lake Campground north of Des Moines, IA

We arrived Thursday evening and got all setup by 8:30pm. I then sat up until 11:30pm waiting for Bernie and Mike to arrive… I fell asleep and went to bed shortly before they did…


Everyone all setup **

We started our Friday (July 4th) off with having breakfast with Buck and Jeff in their motor home. Then for most of the day we mostly hung around the campground catching up with everyone. Mike and I walked to the lake to let his chocolate lab, A.J., go swimming. A.J. is crazy for the water and had lots of fun swimming and jumping around. That evening we had a potluck supper – John, Buck and I prepared hamburgers and Brats. My armpits are still greasy from making all of the hamburger patties :) With everyone bringing a dish to pass, we ended up with SO much food… of course I had to sample a little of everything to make sure I was not missing anything…. that evening we had a campfire, played with sparklers and stayed out chatting with everyone until after 11:00pm.


Bernie/Mike's and Our Motor Homes - Both Winnebago Ultimate's


Getting ready for pot-luck **


Mike holding Campbell and AJ


I'm playing with Sparklers **


More hot Sparkler action... **


Jared's sparkler fun.... **

On Saturday we all rode together to the Harbor Freight store. Dave was telling us all about the deals he finds here – so we just had to check it out. They mostly sell discount tools, but with other cheap stuff thrown in. I purchased a cheap set of speakers for my iPod, a brush for the cat and 1.99 kit where you put together a toy airplane (it looked like fun). John found more useful stuff like a clamp amp meter and etc…


AJ and Priscilla playing in the water

Then on Saturday afternoon got to go for a ride in Dave’s 1939 Cadillac LaSalle. We went all over the various loops of the campground checking out all of the campers while many of them waved to us – it was fun. Then we took another walk to the lake to let the dog play. They time most of our group went along.


Walking back from the lake with firewood. **

Then Saturday evening we had another pot-luck supper. This time Mitch and Jeff made pork chops on the grill. I made a tater-tot casserole with hamburger, peas, cream-of-chicken soup and of course, tater tots.


John spending some quality time with Prince.

After supper Ron and Terry of www.hitchitch.com stopped by. It was great to meet them in person. John has been in contact with this over the past few years so I’m glad our path’s finally crossed. Their websites contain lots of information for campers and links to other full-timers who have blogs. I enjoyed talking about geeky blog stuff, living Quartzite, AZ in the winter and other full-timer stuff with them and hanging out around the campfire. Our blog gets quite a bit of visitors who come from their web site – Thank you Ron and Terry!! John and I got to bed around 11:30pm – it was such a nice evening out – I could have stayed out all night….


Hanging out after supper.


Darkness falls at the campground **


Hanging out around the campfire **

This morning we got out and about around 9:00pm and watched as our camping group packed up. One by one everyone left for their homes. John and I were the last to leave. I’m looking forward to the next time we can all spend time together.

We plan on staying in Dubuque, IA area until Tuesday morning and then head to a small county campground by John’s dad’s house. Tomorrow we are going to check out the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. We get to actually do tourist stuff during the week – so it should not be too busy…..

** The pictures with an ** were taken by Jeffrey Lewis-Mathieu – Thank you Jeff!!

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