Greetings from a hot and steamy St. Louis!

We have some big news to announce! I’ve accepted a new consulting job in Pleasanton, CA. I will be working for a “major health care organization”. So, our last day in St. Louis will be July 31st and my first day of work in Pleasanton, CA will be August, 4th. So the clock is ticking and our “big move” is not too far off… John is working on finding us a RV park close to where I will be working along with lots of other details of the trip. I’m working out a plan to kidnap Perry and Zeke and take them with us… It is going to be sad for me to leave friends and co-workers in St. Louis…. but I have a feeling that we will return again someday…. St. Louis really does feel like “home” to me…. but we are also very excited about spending time “Out West”. I’m not sure what to expect… I feel like the Beverly Hillbilly’s on their way to California….

I really have no idea what it will be like to live and work in Pleasanton, CA. I’m a bit concerned that it will be more expensive for us, earthquakes, fires and crazy traffic. The plus side is that we will be able to go to San Francisco and do the tourist stuff there… I’m looking forward to showing John some of the things I did while I was there for a Java conference four years ago…. Another plus is that we will have a warm winter. I figure that if we made it work in New York City and South Carolina, we can make a go of it pretty much anywhere…. time will tell….

John has mandated that we need to “lighten our load” before we leave – so on Saturday I will be putting lots of stuff up for sale on ebay… I also want to go through drawers and cabinets to organize and get rid of unused items.

We are also considering having the Subaru shipped to California so I can ride along in the motor home, instead of driving behind him… It will cost us around $1000 .. so a bit expensive, but the plus side is that there would be no chance of the Subaru breaking down on the way, save putting 2200 miles on it and we would not have to stop as often for me to buy fuel and go to the rest room… decisions, decisions….. we’re cheap so I will probably just drive it to CA.

Some other big news is that I purchased a new 17″ MacBook Pro computer from BestBuy on Wednesday. I spent last evening getting it all setup. I have the basics in place like Adium, Firefox, Microsoft Office, Parallels with Windows XP and Mail configured. I still need to transfer over my iTunes library, documents, calendars and install some more software. So far the new computer is living up to my expectations and it will be really nice to be able to run Windows XP at very near full speed from inside of OS X – will be handy for some development software that is Windows only. One bad thing is that our Sprint Internet Card will not work with the new MacBook because it has the newer, smaller PCMCIA ExpressCard slot, instead of the older Type III PCMCIA card slot… we are planning on obtaining a USB Internet Card to use with it…

Last night was the season premiere of Project Runway Season 5. I love, love, love this show, but I was soo busy last night that I did watch it… it is recorded on the DVR so will watch it tonight…

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