We’re back!! We arrived back to the St. Louis Park today around 12:30pm. Traffic was not much fun around Springfield, IL and when we got close to St. Louis. We had a little red shit-box pull out right in front of us at an on ramp – John had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting them. Needless to say, the air horns on the motor home work properly. :) We stopped at a Flying-J in Alton, IL (East St. Louis) and topped off the diesel and propane tanks. Diesel was $4.859 a gallon, and we needed around 62 gallons… yuck… but we did save .62 cents with our Flying-J discount card…

We then took highway 15 through East St. Louis (yes we locked the doors) to the Eads Bridge that takes us right down town St. Louis. We made it to the park and got all setup in our regular spot. I picked up our mail at the front office and Lynn was glad to see us back and said that our site was in use the entire time we were gone. I assume the 50 amp hookup was in demand – most sites in the second row are only 30 amps.

John is not feeling good – and is sleeping as I type this. His head is all stuffed up, running a fever and feeling cruddy… I think the late nights out this week took their toll. I plan to nurse him back to health.

Prince was a good pussy the entire trip. This morning he even walked into his travel carrier on his own when he saw us getting ready to leave and the slide-out was brought in. Usually we have to find him in one of his hiding places and place him in his carrier. I guess after a week of being on the road, he has picked up on the routine. Right now he is sleeping on the front dash in the sunlight.

I have finally put together a new banner for the blog and changed the look and feel to be a green color like the motor home. It is still a work in progress… I had the motor home flipped around to it was facing to the left, but John had me change it back because it looked like we had a drivers side door. Driver side doors are typically found in gas powered motor homes – and this did not sit well with John… so flipped it back… I plan on adding some menu items to the brown bar at the bottom of the blog… just not sure what I want to link to yet — probably just the cookbook and photo gallery for now – freeing up some space in the side bars….

Now I need to get organized and mentally ready to head to work in the morning. I have a feeling that I’m not going to want to get up in the morning… it has been heavenly being able to sleep in this past week…..

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