Greeting from the lush Kamp Komfort in Carlock, IL outside of Bloomington, IL. We left Calumet County park around 9:00am, made a quick stop at John’s dad’s house and then hit the road. The traffic on i-39 was busy, but nothing John couldn’t handle. Kamp Komfort has expanded since the last time we checked it out – it now has a back section with 50-am pull through sites with full hookups. Having a full hookup again is a bit of a luxury. I’m so looking forward to taking a nice long hot shower, instead of the short on-and-off rinse off in the mornings. We even have the satellite dish dialed in – we have TV for the first time since leaving Des Moines, IA on Sunday. To make things even better, we have fast EVDO internet… slowly getting back to civilization.


Getting flower arrangements in place

On Thursday evening we meet two of John’s favorite high school friends, Jen and Shannon at The Outpost in Sherwood, WI. John has not seen for over 10 years and Shannon in over 4 years… They had fun catching up, checking out pictures of Jen’s family, drinking lots of beer and having supper at the bar. We made it home around 11:30pm.

Yesterday morning we helped getting things set for the ceremony. I assisted with decorating the top of the boathouse, putting taffeta ribbons up and down the poles of the tent, setting up chairs and etc. Here is a few picture of everyone pitching in and getting things done:


Betsy's sister, Bonnie, working on flower arrangements. All of these flowers were from gardens in the neighborhood - very pretty.


Flower arrangements all done and ready to go..


Linda and Jo getting appetizers ready in the kitchen


The boat house all decorated and ready for the service.

The wedding ceremony was very nice. The weather cooperated and it was a short, poignant service. Having the service on the boathouse made for a beautiful backdrop to the service. Here’s a few pictures I took of the ceremony:


Guests arriving and enjoying appetizers


John's nieces Nadia and Jada were the flower girls


Betsy meeting John Sr. at the bottom of the stairs


During the ceremony

The reception was held at the High Cliff Supper Club about 10 miles away from the house. There were around 400 guests. Supper was served family style and was yummy! Then the tables were cleared and the dance floor setup. John and I spent the evening talking to family and friends that he does not get to see very often. I had to keep John off the dance floor – he kept requesting YMCA and made a fool of him self not being able to spell it correctly due to his advanced state of inebriation – yeah right ;) I drank some beer and had some wedding cake and had a fun time. It was kinda funny that few family and friends guessed correctly as to where we are living at now. Most guessed Tampa, FL or Columbia, SC, or New York City… the more people guessed incorrectly, the more I giggled…. After midnight we helped get all of the wedding gifts, flower arrangements and etc all packed up. We finally made it home and to bed by 1:30am. I survived my first Wisconsin wedding!

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