Hello fellow readers! John here again…

Back to earth here for a while– back to our boring life!

The weather has been all but boring here… Seems like Tornado warning after Tornado warning, and for even minute of sunshine seems like we have had an hour of rain. Today it has been hot and humid, and very windy.

Derek slept in today, while I met Perry at Chris’s for breakfast… Nothing new there. I then returned to Derek playing with his old Mac. Finally he got up to putting the new tube in it. Amazingly it worked. He spent some time playing with it, and then put it away to play some Starcraft.

I ran after a new battery for his Cell phone. I went to Radio Shack and found one for $60.00. Radio Shack has become just stupid, why they are even keeping their stores open I have no idea… What a waste, and I certainly wasn’t going to contribute to their stupidity and pay $60.00 for a damn cell battery. Derek also wanted this odd little battery for the Mac’s memory, so I figured it was worth a run over to Batteries Plus. Batt Plus is way across town on Watson, but I figured it was certainly worth $30.00′s to drive that far (even with gas as high as it is!) I was glad I did. I have always had good service at their stores, and today was no exception. The Cell Batt was less than 1/2 of Radio Shack, and they actually had the battery for the old computer. Plus the boy working was kinda cute…

Tonight we ordered Pizza, and sort of laid low. It isn’t very weather friendly out, oh well.

So, that’s all I got for now.


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