Hello all John here again.

I am posting early in the middle of the day because I have some things on my mind, and feel I need to write them here to justify my thought process. I have always said I try to keep politics out of the blog, mostly because it’s normally a downer. We also have readers from a rather broad base which I try to not agitate with a contrary point of view, and frankly posts of this content require a lot of thought and work, and I am inherently lazy. Anyhow, my discussion last night with HPotIW covered a lot of ground and made me realize I wasn’t nearly as educated as I thought I was on the up coming election in November. Of course, we all know my opinions rarely reside just with me, so now I have to voice them and see how this is swallowed by our mass of readers. In addition, I have voiced a number of those opinions verbally, and some of them I now need to retract. This discussion forced my inability to sleep last night, which spent many hours searching through voting records, statements and many, many peoples varied opinions. I must say I did learn a lot, from a clearer picture on civics and how the system really works (or doesn’t) to what I have come to believe each of the candidates true motives, intentions and their past records.

Buck and I also had a few exchanges that are somewhat responsible for this dribble. The bottom line is our political climate is not good. Our economy is not good, and frankly most of the world hates us for what we have done in Iraq, and in several other “conflicts.” To add to this, I honestly feel that any politician at a federal level, regardless of party or designation is so out of touch with the world most of us live in that us meager peasants really can not comprehend the difference. A clear example of this is how our Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi does not even understand the magnitude of the fuel price increase in her own district. This made me think, well, she is a Federal representative, I guess she really doesn’t know because she just doesn’t have to care about things like pumping gas and buying groceries. So my next jump in logic is that if we are a Constitutional Republic, who is supposed to elect a government “of the people, by the people” why does the Speaker of the House (a Democrat mind you) not know these things? She is supposed to be representing the interests of the people in her district. I am picking on Pelosi, I know, I also know that my Senators and Representative are likely at this same level. Regardless, all this points to clear logic by me. I am not being represented the way I want to be represented. There is very little I can do to change that other than writing and voting. Most likely those will have little effect, as they haven’t so far. Our System is corrupted by big business and special interest groups, and it is on BOTH sides of the isle, not just the Evil Grand Old Party.

Again, referring back to my discussion with Buck, we digressed through this logic, to come to the conclusion the people are generally idiots (my self obviously included in this one) and we haven’t taken the time to educate ourselves, which I started to last night and most of this morning. This education is more of a muddling process to find the truth, something I have always been a solid proponent of and always have failed to understand why our media, sources of information, and even our elected officials must either outright lie, or put some type of counter spin on so we are normal working class people never really get to the truth. The truth is out there, but it is buried and blurred, and mostly found in obscure sources that really until late nobody took really serious.

My response to this discussion was “What the hell is the point then?” Why should I vote, if who I am voting for doesn’t care about me, nor represent my interests? Frankly neither candidate really lights my fire, and they are both barely capable of doing the job in my opinion, not that I would be or even if I was I certainly wouldn’t want to. The bottom line is that I like America. I know we have the highest standard of living. We enjoy many freedoms, and we have the power to change the political climate. It is just that we need to educate each other and see what is really being done here. It isn’t about Taxes, it isn’t about Oil, or Global Warming. It is about doing the right thing and breaking the cycle of ignorance. We all need to understand that if we are not moving forward, we are falling behind. We need to understand that we have a legacy, and to make that legacy matter we have to change how we do things. We need to know what we are really voting for, and what that vote will do. This year, it MIGHT start to fracture that cycle if we get it right, it is a process, and an long one that put us in this position, it isn’t going to change overnight.

I want to clarify that I am not a member of any political party. I am a Gay Man, who legally resides in Wisconsin, however, I am never there. I have a broad base of people I call friends, from many different backgrounds and status’s. I have a broad base of hobbies and interests. I am opinionated, and I also am stubborn as hell. I like to think I have a fair level of education. I grew up in a small town, in Wisconsin, and that does have an effect on my point of view, right or wrong. I believe that most people are inherently good and want to do the right thing, but I also recognize those that consciously choose to put their own interests ahead of the common good. I prefer to give than receive. I would rather be poor and free, than rich and restricted. I want peace, and do not care for conflict, but understand that conflict is sometimes necessary for survival.

So, Last evening I made a list. I have four things that are super important to me in this election. Those four items are; Civil Rights, Economy, Energy, and Security. First off, I am sick of being a second class citizen in my native country. I am the same as any other American, I pay taxes (more than some in a lot of cases) and I happen to be homosexual. I want the same rights as any straight person enjoys, and that includes the right to marry, and in those terms. I thought for a long time, “it doesn’t matter what they call it”. It does matter. I will quote Ellen as I don’t think anyone could say it any better “It is like being told you can sit here, bit not sit there.” I would be happy with a compromise, only if that compromise deleted the word marriage for everyone not just ME.

My second concern for this election is our Economy. This is a big one, and from what I read last night, we are headed for if not in the second worst economy in this countries history. This is serious and we need a plan, and a damn good one.

Third, is Energy. Yes, closely related to the economy, and to our security. We need to figure out how to become energy self sufficient. We are past Peak Oil, we need to act now. Now, we need to start drilling, and we need to start finding other options for when that oil runs out. We NEED to reduce our consumption, and find renewable sources that are practical. We need to become independent from the rest of the world. This isn’t about cost, it is about Freedom.

Finally, Security. We need to preserve our freedoms, and that means internally as well as externally. Who has actually READ the Patriot Act? Can you Honestly tell me you are OK with that? I am in conflict right now about the state of Iraq. I don’t think we had the right to invade Iraq, and we haven’t accomplished the goal of finding Bin Ladden. I want to go on record as saying I was opposed to us invading there, but have always supported our troops there. I believe as a country once we decided to go, we faulted by not allowing them to fight, and not finishing the job. I am no expert on the Iraq war. I think we have spent too much time there, and we need a plan to exit with victory. Why are we still there? What needs to be done? Put a plan together and bring our troops home. More importantly we need to really review our own security. We need to tighten our own boarders, and to figure out this immigration problem. I fully understand that we need for immigrants, of which my ancestors were, but there is a legal process, and it needs to be addressed, and then enforced. Lastly we still need to have a more seamless approach to law enforcement. There is no reason in 2008 that what is filed on a convict in one state isn’t immediately available to a questioning officer in another. We need to secure sound and foolproof identification of our citizens, and again make the process visible for all enforcement agencies.

Ok, so now, I have laid out what I want, and where I stand. I am mostly sick of writing about this so, I think I am going to save my conclusions, which should be pretty obvious by now, for my next post. I hope I didn’t bore you too much!


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