Work has been very busy so far this week. It seems like I keep getting more issues to take care of then I can keep up with…. so I’m programming my way out of the pile of issues…. it seems like I’m gaining a little bit of headway…. my goal is to get everything done by the end of the week. The “light at the end of the tunnel” is that I get to start a new project when I return from our weeklong July 4th vacation. The new project will start with two weeks of requirement gathering. Starting a new project from the beginning is a luxury that I don’t get to do very often….

This afternoon Craig and Mark made it to the RV park as planned. They have a gorgeous 43 foot 2008 Monaco Dynasty. We stopped over to their motor home for cocktails and to get acquainted in person. They are super nice and it was fun swapping stories of our lives, RV adventures and other RV’ers blogs we read. I enjoyed checking out their motor home with all of the electronics and amenities. I like how the interior felt very homey and was not “over the top”. We then headed out to Square One Brewery. The restaurant was not very busy and we had decent service. I had Square One’s grouper special and it was ok…. I’m glad that I tried the grouper, but I don’t think that grouper is my favorite fish – I still prefer mahi mahi or Salmon. For dessert we had a strawberry cake that was yummy. I split it with John and he had 3/4th of it – and I didn’t think he would like it – he does not usually like strawberries…. I hope we can spend some more time with Craig and Mark before they leave St. Louis…..

Flooding is still occurring up and down river from St. Louis. A levy broke yesterday in St. Charles, MO (23 miles North West of us) and other levies are in poor condition – so there is potential for more flooding. CNN carried the story – here is a link to it: St. Charles Levy Broke. It is sad to see people’s homes flooded and lives disrupted by something out of their control. If you are planning a trip in the Midwest, make sure to call head an check with the Illinois, Iowa and Missouri Departments of Transportation for road closures.

Now I’m off to bed… need to get my beauty sleep before another exciting day of programming….

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