Hello all John here again.

I’m supposed to be helping George with blinds, but that got messed up– Apparently the firm we are cleaning them for didn’t get them down in time, and now we are waiting for a call. I hate waiting, even more than I hate cleaning blinds. Looks like now my entire day is messed up, and we will be working all night on these things, when we finally get them.

Yesterday was attack of the bitchy campers… Checked in about 6 rigs, and all they did was complain about this and that, mostly things way beyond my control, or even control of the owners here. Sorry guys, we are an “urban” campground, maybe you should have requested some information, or looked at the website before you came here.

Got mail yesterday, nothing earth shattering, but was disappointed that we STILL have not gotten our government coupons for the DTV converter boxes. I guess I will hold off to see if they are coming, though I would like to get them purchased and installed. We also received a DVD that Derek ordered called “Who Killed the Electric Car”. Derek found it on Amazon for $10.00.

We watched this documentary last night. I admit I am sort of a documentary freak, and have seen my share of awful ones. This one however was not. It was superbly done, and really presented the facts well. I have spent most of the morning checking what I learned last night, and everything I can find has checked out. In addition to that, there really isn’t a motivation for them to misrepresent the facts here, as one popular film maker has done, which has destroyed his credibility even though he had some valid points. This video is put out by Sony Pictures, and I rate it as a Absolute MUST SEE.

The video’s website is “Who Killed the Electric Car?”.

Find a copy and watch it, again, it will open your eyes to what is really going on in America today.

Speaking of Pollution and Energy costs. In my digging for facts, I ran across this site: Travel Matters. I have never been one to label myself as being an environmentalist, although I do try to make conscious choices to reduce my waste and footprint. They may not be enough, but I try. I certainly have no desire to jump lock step with the tree huggers, and I also have come to realize that protecting the environment goes so much further than just protecting the environment. For me, it is really about the health of the nation, and what it really means to be energy independent, and really everything independent. So, I am certainly battling an internal battle of this lifestyle (living in a huge non-efficient RV) vs. living in a greener situation. The above mentioned website gives a ton of information on what it really costs the environment to travel, in any way, and what we can do as individuals to reduce that. I ran some numbers through their calculator and was surprised to find I don’t put out as much carbon as the average family in our area, but we could still do better. Derek and I will certainly be looking at ways to “Clean Up” our act, and live this lifestyle as green as we can. Derek and I put out about 1,265 lbs of carbon last month based on the miles we drive and the vehicles we own. The national average per person is 755 lbs, and the regional at 979 lbs. per person. Mind you we didn’t travel in the RV at all last month, and still came in at 632 a piece, and I don’t commute to work! Obviously when we go somewhere in the RV we would put out much more. It would be interesting to compare RV life (living stationary) to what a Stick and Brick house would compare to. In any case, I didn’t realize that our emissions would take almost 200 Sugar Maple Tree’s to cancel out, just for ONE month. That is pretty incredible. The website also gives you ideas to reduce your carbon footprint, which is one of the reasons I have been on a tirade to rid ourselves of things we don’t need and don’t use in the RV. They estimate that for every 100lbs, you loose 1/10 of a MPG. That means 1 MPG for 1000 lbs. So, Theoretically, if I can delete 1000 lbs of JUNK, I have the potential to get 9.5 MPG with the camper/Truck combo. That is pretty significant being that a trip from here to say San Francisco at the current fuel rate of $4.599 a gallon would cost about $1,137.00, at 9.5 MPG, $1,016.00. That is not only $121.00 saved, but also 26 gallons of diesel we wouldn’t have to burn. I agree these are just theoretical numbers, but the bottom line is that it not only costs us going in the tank, it costs us coming out of the tank, and doing these little things does help reduce our need/addiction to oil.

Ok, I’ve given you all enough to Ponder today. Time for me to go drive around aimlessly looking for something to do! :)

Have a Good Day.


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