I had a good day at work. For lunch I went to Little Pigs BBQ for my manager’s going away party. Their pulled pork BBQ is really yummy along with fried okra, hash, baked beans, mac -n- cheese, fried chicken and banana pudding for dessert. Now I’m looking forward to eating fried chicken at Hodak’s in St. Louis. “I like to eat chicken – it’s chicken-ie!

I’m starting to think about the things and places I want to see here in Columbia, SC before we take off next week. I plan on going to the flea markets for the last time over the weekend and I’m on a mission to finally make it to the zoo. If we have time I would like to check out the railroad museum that is close to Columbia.

John’s last day at work is next Wednesday – this will give him a few days to get us ready to hit the road. We don’t have much to do except return the Road Runner modem, and make sure all of the vehicles are set. I have been explaining to Prince that he will be going on a long trip and have a new home. I think he understands and is getting himself prepared.

I’m pleased with Apple’s latest iPod offerings. They will be selling a new video iPod that is basically an iPhone without the cell phone capability and they lowered the price of the iPhone by $200.00. Gee… St. Louis has two Apple stores ;) You can check out the announcement at this link: Apple cuts iPhone price, updates iPod

Not much else going on tonight….

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