We both enjoyed the hamfest today in Shelby, NC. We had decent weather – it was overcast, in the lower 90′s and few short rain showers. The clouds and rain kept the temps. low enough for us to spend most of the day outside.


The motor home at the hamfest - we have a decent site with water and 30 amp electric.

Here is some pictures I took at the hamfest:


Tower Electronics from Green Bay, WI - seems like they show up at most of the hamfests we attend. They were also in Orlando, FL.


Part of the hamfest - I took picture late in the day so no many people out. The "tailgating" section is in the background.


Confederate Radio Pirates!


Ham Radio Junque - this was all from a single vendor.

We found most of the people attending the hamfest to be quite social and generally in a good mood. I had several people ask me about the motor home and compliment it. There were probably 20 RV’s of different type at the fest. Our site is fine, but we only have 30 amp power that is connected to a weak breaker. At first we kept blowing the breaker when we turned on the air conditioner. John turned off one of the compressors in the basement air and also turned off the inverter that charges the house batteries. Doing this we were able to keep the coach cool and manageable. I have not attempted to use the microwave – I have been using the gas stove to heat food up. We can’t complain too much because it only cost us $20.00 to camp here. It is really nice to have “our house” at the hamfest – we can walk around awhile and then go back, cool off, relax, surf the web and etc.

Our Sprint Internet card is working really well here – it is almost as fast as our Road Runner DSL in Columbia. I was able to upload today’s pictures with little delay. Sprint has a decent EVDO network here.

John purchased a fiberglass flagpole mast and two HF whips that he will mount on the pole. The flagpole comes in 3 1/2 feet sections and a carry bag. We are hoping to use it to be able to tune 80 meters with. It will also be nice to have a flagpole for when we attend rallies and etc…. John would not let me get a “Confederate Pirate” flag like the one in the picture above. :(

We also purchased some other odds and ends:

Cable to connect my Garmin GPS to my Kenwood TH-7d hand held radio (for APRS).
Connectors to make cable for my Epson PX-8 Disk Drive
Retro Computer – Macintosh Portable – this is the very first portable computer Apple sold. I doubt that it works – but I will have fun checking it out and eventually selling it on ebay.
Computer Cable to connect Yaesu radio to computer. We should be able to configure radio and presets on the computer instead of using buttons on radio.
USB to Serial converter for the Yaesu to computer cable – it is a serial cable and laptop only has USB ports.

John also purchased a birthday present for me – not sure what it is, but I think he purchased it from MFJ – a supplier of all sorts of ham radio equipment and accessories. I’m looking forward to my birthday next Saturday (9/8)….

We plan on staying here tomorrow as well. The hamfest will be smaller, but still interesting. It looks like some of the vendors have packed up and left, but sometimes people bring different stuff to sell the next day. If John gets bored, we might head back to Columbia tomorrow, but then again, perhaps we will not…..

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