Our digital thermometer today

Here is a picture of our digital thermometer:

The top temp (87.8°) is the inside temp and the bottom temp (123.3°) is the outside temp.

The outside transmitter is mounted by the front door – so it is getting the full force of the sun right now…. This weather is crazy and I’m tired of all of the heat…. I think we will go out for supper tonight… I’m not cooking…..

To pass time, I have been studying for my next ham radio exam – the “General Class Exam”. I’m using the “Ham Test Online” website to help me learn about the different topics and practice taking the exam. I plan to sit for the exam at the Shelby hamfest at the end of this month. The main incentive for taking the test is to have more HF privileges. HF stands for High Frequency and is the segment of ham radio that allows for long distance contacts. Right with my Technician Plus license I only have a small segment of the HF band available for use. I want more….

I just got done watching this weeks Canadian Idol on the computer. It was sad to see Greg Neufeld get voted off. His performances have been solid and he is quite hot to look at. I think what did him in is that he had a bit of an arrogant vibe to him. Here is a picture of him after he was told that he received the lowest number of votes:

Poor Greg.... voted off this week

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the contestants who come from a sparsely populated part of Canada have a more difficult time getting more votes. There seems to be lots of “regional voting” going on. All in all I’m still very impressed with Canadian Idol – they have made the competition a journey of musical self discovery for the contestants. They keep emphasizing to the contestants to “keep it real”. I have no idea who will win…

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