John working on his Truck

John spent most of the day working on his truck. As planned, he replaced the bearings, brake rotors and brake pads on the front. Here is a picture of John in action:

It got to around 104° out, so he eventually moved the truck closer to the RV so he could work under the awning and with a fan blowing on him. I brought him out ice water and etc to keep him hydrated. I also got to help “bleed the brake lines” by pumping the brakes 10 times and then holding the brake pedal down to the floor. He was done and had everything completed by 4:00pm. He seems happy to have it done and over with.

To celebrate getting the truck completed, we went out to Applebee’s for supper. I had the Florence Tyler strip steak and it was really good. It was marinated in something that gave it a really good flavor.

Tomorrow he will work on adding a light to the brake buddy, so he can monitor when the Brake Buddy is activated from the rear camera. We are also planning on going to the “Bourne Ultimatum” movie that came out on Friday.

Bourne Ultimatium


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