The heater core arrived today and John installed it tonight. He has the core in place and now he is making sure everything is connected back to where it belongs.


Heater Core Installation in Progress

Here is a picture I took of the front of the motor home when John ran to Advance for parts:

John seems happy when he is working on fixing things, so he should have a nice weekend while working on replacing the brakes, bearings and rotors on his truck. I try to stay out of his way while he works – unless he asks me to help. I have not mastered the art of reading his mind yet – so working with him is a challenge for me, plus I don’t have as much aptitude towards mechanical things as he does.

I had another late date at work – I made it home by 7:00pm again. I had two more emergency moves make it into Production after 5:00pm again tonight. John was too busy to eat supper, so I made something for myself and will fix something for him when he is done.

Our internet service seems to have corrected itself last night – it was working when we woke up this morning. I’m still going to keep the apointment to have Time Warner check everything out on Sunday morning. John wants to see if we can get a new cable run from the junction box to the utility box on our site. The junction box for the cable company is close to our site, so it seems like a reasonable request….

I checked and we had 29669 visitors to this blog last month. A little short of last month’s 30,000 record, but still pretty good. A year ago we were averaging around 7,000 visitors a month.

I made an appointment for Prince at a local Vet’s office for this coming Monday. He needs to get his annual shots and also checked for worms. We have noticed some type of white things around his butt, so it is time to get him checked out…. We don’t let him outside very much at all, so not sure where he would have picked up worms at…. naughty pussy….

In the free weekly newspaper they had an article about how Ruth Chris will be opening a new steakhouse here in Columbia. I have never been to a Ruth Chris Steakhouse, but many of my coworkers were excited about this. It should be a nice addition to downtown Columbia.

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