I made it though work today without any big issues. The weather is hot, but not as warm as it has been. It seems to be getting a bit cooler at night and there is a heavy dew on the ground in the morning.

On the way back to Columbia yesterday, John noticed that his captain seat was a bit loose, but did not think much about it. After checking it out a bit more tonight he discovered that a metal weld has broken. Now he will need to find out if it can be fixed, or if it needs to be replaced… My guess is that it can be repaired…. John has something new to work on :)

My prediction in yesterday’s blog that my sunburn was not bad enough for me to peel turned out to be false. I woke up this morning with flecks of dry skin coming off of my nose and forehead… I have been putting aloe gel on my face all day to keep it cool….. the peeling should be done in a few days…. the fun in the sun over the weekend makes the discomfort worth it….

Our next adventure will be the trip to the Shelby hamfest over Labor Day weekend.

In October the South Carolina Railroad Museum will be having an operating steam locomotive available for rides. They claim this will be the first steam locomotive running in South Carolina in the last 40 years. I sent away for tickets – it should be fun.

Steam Train coming to South Carolina

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