We made it back to Columbia, SC by 2:00pm without any problems. We had a delay getting onto 94 because of an accident – the 94 west bound on ramp was blocked off. There was a Super Walmart nearby – so we went and did some shopping. When we went back to the motor home, we could tell that traffic was flowing again…


Prince checking out the forest at the campground....

I updated the blog posting John did yesterday with some pictures. We had not internet access at the campground and it was very slow at the beach….

Yesterday we hung out at the beach with Jason, Stacey, Thomas, Jacklin, Jason’s Mom and Dad and Aunt and Uncle. We all went down to the beach again and played in the water. It was fun having the large waves occasionally come crashing in at you. A few waves went over my head, but most of the time I would jump up to keep my head above water.


In the ocean.. I'm at the back left, I think...

Here is some more pictures I took at the beach:


John enjoying the beach, but staying out of the sun.


Hanging out on the back deck of the beach house.

It was sunny and warm at the beach (upper 90′s) , but there was a really nice breeze. We both got a bit too much sun on our face and legs, but I don’t think it is bad enough to peel….. time will telll… The thermometer here in Columbia says it is 95° out – not too bad, but not much of a breeze and much more humidity then we had at Edisto….

Saturday evening Stacey prepared a large seafood supper – we had peel and eat shrimp, shrimp stuffed with crab stuffing, flounder with stuffing, breaded scallops, baked potatoes and corn on the cob. It was really, really good. I got to help prepare the raw shrimp before it was cooked and help bread the scallops. I don’t have much experience with preparing fresh seafood – so it was fun watching how it is done….. Now I want to find a good place here in Columbia to purchase fresh seafood.


Cabins on the beach

I like how Edisto Beach is not overly commercialized – there’s lots of rental cottages along with beach, but not tons of restaurants and souvenirs shops. The beach itself was not crowded at all – there is plenty of room to spread out…

We will probably spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and getting ready to return to work tomorrow…. yuck…

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