Hello all, John here again.

First off Congrats to Derek for passing his General test today. He studied really hard all week and went off today to take it in town here. I was a bit bitter since I thought we were going to do it together at Shelby, but he wanted to get it done. I am happy he passed it. I gotta get moving on it so I can pass the test next month.

I was going to go and attempt the test, but since I took the practice test last night and barely passed it I figured my time would be better spent attempting to figure out what was wrong with the Dash A/C. The fans on the condenser were no coming on to cool it, so it wasn’t cooling the freon. I found that one of the fans was completely shot, and the other would spin with some “help”, but was basically junk also. They both had good power to them. So, off to Advance I go, hoping to find a replacement. The good news was that Advance carries an after market fan which is made by Imperial, that matched perfectly. The bad news is they were $65.00 each. After replacing them, and repainting the brackets that hold them in, everything seems to work.

I still don’t know for sure if I have an adequate freon charge. I have a small disposable gauge to check the low side, but nothing to check the high side. The thought of spending $150.00 on a set of manifold gauges for one use isn’t intriguing. Maybe I can convince one of the mechanics I sell parts to to let me borrow theirs?.?

Last night Martin, the store manager invited Derek and I to dinner at his place. He lives close to us, and he and his wife put on a very nice meal, and had a nice time. I think his wife Kathy and Derek were both bored of all the work talk, but I get the same treatment when I do stuff with Derek’s work friends….

Our neighbors to the left are headed out tomorrow. They were OK neighbors, always friendly and such, but also made sure you knew they were good christians. The bad thing about them leaving is their camper blocks some sunlight, and lately that could mean higher temps in our camper…. It’s 111 right now, and the thermometer is under the awning. Ugh. This weather is just crazy, and we have both decided it is worse than 2 weeks of -40 in WI. Here, you sit inside and look at how nice it looks like it is outside, but you can’t go out cause you will DIE, and even inside is almost uncomfortable. The House A/C is holding it’s own, but at the peak of the day it is still gets over 85 in here. The fan keeps the air moving so it isn’t totally unbearable.

We are looking forward to our long weekend next week. We both took off Friday, and will meet the Hanson tribe in Edisto Beach for the weekend. It should be fun reuniting with them after all these years. Jason and I met on an old BBS called the “Enterprise” when we were teenagers, and he is the one that really got me into radio. His wife Stacy and kids, along with Jason’s parents and Uncle and aunt will be renting a place at the beach for the week.

I guess that is all for now.


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