We did not make it to Biltmore Estates again this weekend. John was not feeling very good on Saturday and on Sunday we had rainy weather. I found that there is a hamfest on Saturday, July 27th in Asheville, NC – so I’m thinking that we can take the RV to Asheville, NC on Friday, do the hamfest on Saturday and then tour Biltmore on Sunday. It would be a really nice weekend – so that is my new plan.

We watched several movies on HBO and DVD – The Devil Wears Prada, The Da Vinci Code and Capote. The were all good movies – my favorite was Capote because I did not know much about Truman Capote and did not know where the storyline of the movie would go… Philip Seymour Hoffman was believable as Truman Capote and had Truman’s strange accent down when he spoke.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote

The weather has been very hot, humid and stormy. We are getting a thunderstorm almost daily. I went to the Metro flea market at 10:00am this morning – I managed to check everything out and back to my car before it started to pour down rain. John is feeling a bit better today, but is very bored. He is doing our laundry tonight. This is usually my job, but he took it upon himself to do it – I’m not complaining.

Tomorrow we are back to our jobs. It should be a typical work week for both of us.

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