I had a long day at work because I had some code that was moved into Production after 5:00pm. I made it home by 6:45pm – in time to make John a pastrami with swiss cheese sandwich. I make sure to have something easy for John to eat on Wednesday evenings when I’ll be late.

We have been watching a new show on Logo = “Rick & Steve, Worlds Happiest Gay Couple“. The show is like an all Lego Block gay version of South Park.

I did some searching on the web and discovered that the pilot for “Rick & Steve” was actually done with Lego blocks and stop motion animation. The show on Logo is done completely with computer animation – here is a five minute clip from the show that I found on YouTube:

The last episode was about how Rick and Steve’s lesbian friends were trying to get pregnant with sperm donated by the happy gay couple. The writing is funny and overly-gay and I look forward to seeing future episodes.

It is raining out – so I can’t get my walk in tonight. We are watching “My Life on the D-List” – the episode where Kathy goes to London, England. John thinks Kathy needs to do something different with her hair, but I think it is her trademark look and will not be changing soon.

Now I’m off to my new hobby – watching it storm and rain from the front seat of the motor home….

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