This will be a quick blog posting – it is past 10:00pm as I type this…

I’m starting to get busier at work – I have several projects that I’m working on getting the code promoted into QA and then into Production. It seems like this process takes around two weeks per change… may go faster once I get good at it…

It has been really warm here – it is in the upper 90′s most of the day – the digital thermometer in the motor home said it was 97 &deg out at 6:45pm…. This weekend is expected to be a scorcher…..

John had a little bit better day at work – he had some really good sales so that helps his disposition.

I’m starting to think about what to do this weekend… perhaps check out the local gay bar, go see a movie or something like that…. With the high temps it is not much fun trying to do much during the main part of the day….

I was not able to go on my walk yesterday because of the threat of rain, but I got it in tonight… With the high humidity, I had a drippy pussy by the time I got home :)

Something strange is happening with the number of visitors to this blog – so far this month there has been over 10,000 visitors… this does not seem right to me… I will investigate further tomorrow…

Now I’m off to bed… need my beauty rest….

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