Hello again, John here again.

I am happy to report that Derek and Prince are officially freezing their butts off. Yes, the Air Conditioner is now working like it should again.

The problem was as I suspected, a bad circuit board. I do want to give kudos to Kieth at RVP, and the entire crew at Tony’s RV in Lexington, SC. They all came together to help me correctly diagnose, and get the circuit board overnighted from Kansas. When I picked it up today, Aaron, the owner of Tony’s RV repair, even gave me a helpful walk through on what I would need to do. The new board is a revision from the one I had, which is hopefully a good thing, since they did away with several of the mechanical relays, replacing them with solid state units. The negative was that several of the connection leads needed to be lengthened or shortened, and the whole mess of wires in the small space was a bit hard to work with. In the end, I got it all done, and it seems to be working properly now.

The new board also had a special wiring requirement to better utilize the Energy Management System Winnebago uses. RVP also added some functionality to the LED’s and some logic onto the board. The Green LED now will flash out fast and slow depending on weather there is current to the board, or if the unit is in “time out” mode. The logic of going into “time out” mode for power outages is new, which protects the compressors from building too much pressure and damaging themselves.


Bad Relay


Bad A/C PC Board

I took a couple pics of the old board, and the offending mechanical relay that controlled the low side of the outside fan. The contacts on the relay are pretty badly burned, so it very well could be the reason the relay wasn’t holding the load. I will hold onto the old board, just in case the new one fails. I think I can clean up the relay to make it work again. Ok, you non-RV’ers just don’t understand how painful it is to live in a box with no A/C! It gets hot in here, fast.

Other than that, not a whole lot new here.

Have a good night!


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