Hello Again, John here.

Ah, No, I haven’t found the great 8th wonder of the world in Columbia yet… I’m mostly posting to share my wonderful weekend event. Seems now out basement air unit decided we were working it too hard. We aren’t having great luck with major appliances as of late. I have quazi diagnosed the problem, I think. Since it is Sunday, all I can do about it is sit and stew and keep scratching my head.

We woke up yesterday AM to both A/C breakers tripped. Never happened before, so I flipped them back, and checked my filter, and searched for a cause. Didn’t find one. Figured it was a power surge.

Couple hours later noticed it was getting warm, so I checked the thermostat. Hmm… Breakers were fine this time. So, I pulled the skirt up and found the High Head Pressure switch tripped… Hmm. Weird. Reset it and it clicked on with no seemingly further problem.

Again, tripped the high head switch a couple hours later. Realizing now it is a problem, I tried to repeat the cause, and found that the Low side of the Outside Blower was not coming on. The LED on the board would just ‘Flicker’ in unison with the relay on the board clicking. Ugh. The unit made it more confusing since if the temp difference was large enough, the unit would start with the high side blower, and would run until it satisfied itself, then the cycle would start over, but the next time around would be a small temp difference, and it would try to start the Low Side of the outside blower. Since the Low Side isn’t starting, the compressor is running, and heating up the coil, which is getting hot (because no blower on it– Duh). Heat=Higher pressures, which also means the compressor can’t overcome the pressures, so they built in the High Head Pressure Head Switch, which shuts the whole system. In reality the switch is a good thing.

I found the service manual, and followed the troubleshooting flow-chart for the No Outdoor Blower Low Speed.

I had power across T4 & T5, moved to the next box, and T11 & T13 would show trace voltage only when the relay clicked on and off. I am confused now– The flow chart offers only a “Yes” or a “No” answer. The “No” which I assume is the case here says replace PC board. The “Yes”, says check wiring to OD Blower, Check Capacitor, and check for an open ground.
Here is where it gets more confusing… I pulled the lines off for the low side blower, and the relay clicked closed and stayed closed, and the LED lit steady, and I have power across the T11 & T13 terminals. Thinking maybe it is the blower motor itself now, but, I ran 120volts right to the motor, which started and ran fine. I don’t have an Ammeter, but I did use pretty small wire to jumper it, and it didn’t get hot in the few minutes I jumper-ed it, so I don’t “Think” that it is drawing too much power. I guess I’ll just have to call Ton’y RV tomorrow, and hope they know something about them.

On a positive note, we aren’t roasting to death in here. As per the HPotIW’s suggestion I got a hold of a small box fan, and bungie corded it to the side of the coil. I disconnected the low side of the blower, so the unit works. The bad thing is we look like we belong in a trailer park here in South Carolina… Derek will put up a picture of our red-neck A/C rigging later.
So, that was the exciting part, we did get to go shirt shopping at Burlington Coat Factory this weekend. I was hoping to find another red shirt, since my uniform shirts are still not in at work. I wasn’t that lucky. I did get a couple other shirts. After that we stopped into West Marine for a few minutes, I wanted to look at ideas for a fold down type antenna mast, and they have some marine grade antenna mounts that are pretty interesting. I still haven’t decided on what I want to do yet… Derek did make an observation about me and the HAM gear. I tend to have more fun building and designing than I do operating it. Once I have it all in place I tend not to do much with it. I guess I just need to meet some new HAM buddies….

Derek has been keeping up on his nightly walks, and tonight he got the bright idea to go walking just after the weather radio sounded a thunderstorm warning. To be honest, I thought the rain was done too, and didn’t think much of it. He did take his phone alone (amazing!), and I got a call “Johnnie, It’s raining, will you come get me”. Ugh. So he took shelter at the fire station, and all the fire freighters we standing in the garage with him when I got there… Hmm…

Work for me hasn’t changed much. Tuesday will mark the 3 week mark since my existential e-mail meltdown. Every day I say it will be my last, so I am thinking this week just might be it. The only thing that has changed there has been my numbers going up, and frankly I am getting sick of fighting for a $11.00 an hour job that a stupid HR person thinks she has to hold out taxes in BOTH states for. Ugh. The only thing really making me get up for work is knowing if I do leave I will have let down a whole bunch of customers, and it really isn’t there fault that Advance can’t get their shit together, but then, it isn’t mine either…

Well, I have done enough damage for one night. Have a safe one, and see you all soon!


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