Hello All, John here again.

Derek and I just returned from the GLBT Film fest at the Nickelodeon Theater, downtown Columbia. The theater is pretty cool, very intimate setting, of only about 75 seats. They show a lot of indie films, and I would go back to see something else there.

We saw Camp Out. A documentary written about GLBT youth at a gay Christian summer camp. It was interesting on a number of levels, and worth seeing. There were a few “Smart” kids, who weren’t buying the whole religion thing, and a few who were really having a tough time with coping with the conflicts. The movie was very well done, and captured the true spirit of helping the kids cope with becoming part of a community.

I guess seeing the movie made me want to post again about my stance on all this. I know you all heard it before, I’m not a big religion or spiritual person. I love the idea of what religion is supposed to do, bring people together, teach them to love each other, provide answers to unanswerable questions, etc. etc. What I can’t stand about religion is the freaks that literally interpret things, then spin the tables and preach that the hatred they spread is “god’s word”. The THING that I just can’t get my head around is free will, and how am I supposed to have Free Will, when someone is supposed to have created the world? If, and a big IF, I could tackle that small problem at the root of all Christianity, I MIGHT even be able to deny the science that supports the opposite… But, I just can’t, and simply refuse to.

So, on to other topics… The weather has been crazy. Its HOT, then Storms, Hot then Storms, and has been doing that for a few days. It will again tonight. On a positive note, the Washer/Dryer is finally working properly. After, I replaced the $76.00 hot water valve. Yeah, most likely the same valve that Maytag uses, and looks like it cost all of $3.00 to make. Hopefully, this will be the last time in a while I have to remove and replace the unit, it is a real pain in the ass.

Derek made us a wonderful supper again. Raviloi’s with meat sauce, and yummy bread. I’m stuffed. I should take a nap now, since he wants to go to see “I want to be a Republican” back at the Nick tonight at 10. Make a late night, and I have to get up early tomorrow for the monthly meeting at the store, ugh.

So, I guess that’s about all for now. See ya later.


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