I just got back from my evening walk. I finally had good, dry weather and enjoyed the walk very much. On my way back to the camground I stopped at Advance Automotive to get some window cleaner and pistachio nuts for work. I have been munching on one of my coworkers pistachios, so I should repay him….. I had an interesting conversation with the guy behind the counter about how the Blacks and Hispanics are stealing too many auto parts lately….. I’m really starting to believe that Columbia, SC is the epicenter of intolerance…..

When I wake up in the morning I listen to the TV while getting ready. For the last two morning I have been listening to a Christian Infomercial for the book “Get Out of That Pit”. The book retails for $14.95 on Amazon.com, but the infomercial has two pricing structures – depending on how big of a Christian you are. For $45.00 you get the book and some gets donated to a charity organization. For $85.00 you get two books and even more gets donated to charity. Reviews of the book online say that it reads like an “infomercial” – how ironic. I think the book should be renamed “Get your head out of your Ass”…

This weekend is the “2007 Black Gay Pride” festival. And the following weekend is a GLBT Film Festival here in town – they will be screening 4 different films. The two I want to see is:

CAMP OUT- 10 campers attend the first summer camp for gay Christian youth. These Midwestern teenagers enjoy a week in an accepting environment where they can begin to reconcile their sexuality with their faith among supportive councilors and others facing the same issues.


I Wanna Be A Republican - too funny!

I WANNA BE A REPUBLICAN – Those poor Republicans! Haven’t they suffered enough? Bush’s poll numbers at the freezing mark, Tom Delay defunct, looming scandals, failed efforts to criminalize the gays and now this: men, dressed as women, doing a sing-song spoof of Republicanism in a concert film like you’ve never seen before. Four “proper” ladies are holding a Republican fund raiser. With a rumored appearance by W, the ladies are in high spirits. Singing songs and swapping stories, the gals seek to explain just why the Republicans are so darn nifty and offer some compelling reasons to come out as Republican.

I’m looking forward to seeing these films – and perhaps meeting other gay people in the area. To date we have not meet another gay person who lives here…… kinda spooky….

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