Hello again, John here.

Last few days at work have been better, but only since I am making my budget. Last week I sold over $1400.00 over my projected goals, which is a first time this store has met/or exceeded that goal in over a years time. So, I am boosting a bit. The bad news is that NOTHING has changed but my numbers going up, and frankly, I am sick of the lip service that I keep getting from the top. Which leads into the next positive note. I got a call back from GPC (Genuine Parts Company, aka NAPA). I have an interview tomorrow during my lunch break. Will be interesting. Either they finally called me back because they are seeing a noticeable deficit in the sales in that market (I managed to win a MAJOR account that spent a lot of money with them.), or they are really looking for someone… We will see. I haven’t decided if I should hold my typical line of being upfront about our living situation (full-timing, and temporary) or if I should conceal that and move forward as I have permanently relocated. It’s sad to say, but I have had mixed results in the past with being totally honest with people.

The interview became painfully welcome after today’s experience with my favorite 2nd Ass. Manager (Now, I could have correctly spelled out assistant, but I felt the abbreviation was much more fitting) where I am at. Yes, in the course of 8 hours, he managed to tell a incredibly sexist and threating story about an experiance in his home life that made me feel very uncomfortable, upset one of my new commercial customers over a ridiculous sales tax issuse, screwed up a $500.00 sale with yet another commercial customer, and dared to attempt to tell my best customer that we couldn’t get a part that Auto Zone had NEXT DOOR! It is truly amazing that we are on track to make budget again this week.

Back to home, all is well. Derek is out on his nightly walk, tempting the rain gods. It just quit raining, and lately everytime he walks it starts to pour… Yes, I am waiting by the phone for the drown rat to call “Johnnie… come get me…” .

Other than that not much going on!

Have a good night!


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