Llama in the truck?

So yesterday John explained to me that he thinks that there is a Llama sleeping in one our neighbors pick-up trucks. The truck has LLAMA license plates and in the morning John thinks he sees something brown and furry in the front seat…. So this had me wondering where does the Llama live during the day? Does it live in it’s owner fifth wheel? Does it go to llama day care, or go to work with it’s owner? I also want to know how many llama we are allowed to have in our camp site? Upon closer inspection, the truck is so full of junk there is no way a llama could fit in it…. so I think John’s theory is busted… but I’m still keeping an eye out… :)

I received a “new” 8-track in the mail on Friday – it is Madonna’s “Immaculate Collection“. This album was never released on 8-track, but this is one that someone created. I knew this when I purchased it, but I still think it is cool. I listened to part of it while sitting outside last evening and it sounds great. John give me dirty looks when songs are interrupted by the kla-klink of the track changing, but that is part of the “8-track experience”.


Another Madonna 8-track

We called our Dads on Sunday to wish them a Happy Father’s day. My dad has been busy with gardening, picking strawberries and going to farmers markets. John’s dad has been keeping busy with construction/remodeling projects. Here’s pictures of our Dads:


John's Dad - John


Derek's Dad - Dennis

My work day went by quickly. I’m working on getting several projects promoted into QA and then into Production. After work, I made a quick supper and then went for a hour long walk. Now we are watching Hell’s Kitchen – the Chefs are not doing very well tonight – it is painful to watch…..

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