We had another rainy day. At 4:00pm we had a nasty downpour that lasted for an hour or so – it was so bad that people were not leaving at 5:00pm – they ended up staying until it stopped….. The rain stopped on my way home and the motor home was dry. After supper I was able to get my walk in, but I made it back in the nick of time – it started to rain hard 2 minutes after I got inside… I was very lucky :)

My work days have become busier – I have four projects that are in various stages of being tested and moved onto the Production servers. I work on one project as far as I can, then put it aside while I wait for someone to do something with it and so on….. I’m still getting used to the whole code sheparding process….

Now that summer TV programs have started, we find ourselves watching three different cooking competition shows – Season 3 of Top Chef on Bravo, Hells Kitchen on Fox and The Next Food Network Star on the Food Network.

Each of the shows has its own quirks that make it interesting. The Next Food Network Star show emphasizes the stress of cooking while being on a TV show and how you need to have a good personality along with the ability to cook. I feel sorry for the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen because of Gordon Ramsey yells and belittles them… I tend to believe that he means well, but he still comes across as a real a-hole…. My favorite of the three is Top Chef – it tends to be classier, have a higher level of contestants and this season it had Ted Allen from Queer Eye….

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday – it seems like my co-workers are in a good mood on Fridays and it feels good to walk out of work and start the weekend. We have no plans for this weekend – it will depend on the weather. If it is nice out, I would like to see the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden here in Columbia. I’ve been told that the zoo is not huge, but the animals they have are pretty cool. They have several species of monkeys so I’m sure it will be fun to check out….

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