I had a typical day at work. I walked around the mall during my lunch break and made it home by 5:30pm. For supper we had chicken and veggie foil-pack (potatoes, carrots & onion) along with homemade bread. It was a yummy!

John has been having a tough time at work again – so he is a bit cranky and depressed… I feel sorry for him….

I have been listening to a new Podcast - Rainbow Radio – The REAL Gay Agenda. It is a radio show that airs ever Sunday on a local AM station (WOIC-AM 1230). I’m listening to the show so I can see if there is any interesting GLBT events in the near future. One of the shows had an interview with the Lexington County Sheriff’s department – (the county I live in). They have a GLBT task force and all of their officers receive extensive training on dealing with GLBT issues and individuals. This is a bit comforting to hear….

Tonight I went on my normal walk “to the end of the sidewalk” – I believe it is around 2 miles. I managed to get in 11,545 steps in today. My goal is to walk at least 10,000 a day this week – weather permitting. There was lots of people out walking this evening – more then usual – perhaps everyone ate too much over the weekend and feels compelled to get some exercise.

This is the first Tuesday in three months that I’m not watching American Idol – so I’m going through a bit of Idol withdrawal. John would not admit it, but I think he misses it also – I’m sure we will find something better to do with the time we would have been watching to boob-tube…. I will spend some time working on my “Second Life” house – there is still lots of work left to do before it is done.

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