Work has been pretty easy this week – I’ve been finishing everything and getting my desk cleaned out..

The Apple IIc computer I sold on ebay was picked up by the winner of the auction today at work. A nice guy purchased it – he is big into vintage Apple computers and said he is going “completely retro” with his computers. It is nice to know that I’m not the only one who likes old computers….

Yesterday I purchased some “Space Bags” at Walgreen’s and John had fun fulling them up with blankets, winter coats and pillows and then sucking the air out of them. The items we stored under the bed and under the couch now all fit under the bed with room left over. The seem like a good solution – as long as they don’t get an air leak. I hope going down the road will not cause them to leak…

Space Bags

It will be interesting to see who gets voted off of American Idol tonight – my guess is either Gina or Sanjaya. Perhaps the votes from “Vote For The Worst” web site will be enough to keep Sanjaya around for another week. It would be funny if this web site has enough influence on American Idol votes that Sanjaya wins this year.

I’m still having fun with the GP2X game console. Tonight I added an Atari 2600 emulator and 480 games to it. So far I probably have around 2000 games for all of the different systems. I’m getting good at playing Dig Dug on the Nintendo Entertainment System – I’ve made it to level 7 today… I purchased an inexpensive battery charger that included two AA batteries – the GP2X goes through batteries quickly so the charger is almost an requirement for it.

John spent time today working on the RV. He caulked some seams on the roof, tightened some screws on the shower enclosure and added distilled water to the house batteries. He has been reading about how people have been adding mineral water to their batteries to slow down the evaporation of water. So he added some to each battery to see if it helps. We put a note on the calendar for today and will check it again in the future and see if it helps maintain the water level.

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