Key West Express Boat

The trip to Key West was most interesting. On the way there we ran into some semi-rough waters and I got a bit queasy, but did not get really sick. I can’t say the same for many of the passengers – there was a bit of a “puke fest” going on for awhile. The crew members were very attentive and took care of all of the messes promptly.


John Moder the First, the Second and Me on the Boat

When we arrived at Key West, we walked to the marker that shows the southern most part of the Continental US. The marker was ok – they have fiberglass people next to it so when you take your picture by it, you get a few extra family members.


Southern Most Point marker


Picture of "Boob Lady"

We then wandered over to the beach and had lunch at a beach side bar. We had burgers, conch fritters, fries and some beers. John’s dad enjoyed the “eye candy” on the beach. One of the ladies liked to walk around topless showing off her boobs – we decided she either paid alot for them, or she was European.


Hemingway's Studio

We then went and toured Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home. This is a picture of the studio where he did most of his writing:

We also got to see and pet descendants of his cat Snowball who was Polydactyl (has 6 toes). There are around 40 cats on the property and it appears that they are treated like royalty. Here is one of the cats:


Cat sleeping the afternoon away

Across the road from Hemingway’s place was a tall lighthouse. Ernest’s friends teased him for building his home next to the lighthouse – so he could find his way home while intoxicated. One of Hemmingways favorite sayings is “Always do sober what you said you would do drunk, that will teach you to keep your mouth shut.“.


View of lighthouse from Hemingway's home

We toured the lighthouse and climbed up all 92 steps to the top. The view from the top was fantastic and worth the trip up. The top of my legs are still a bit sore. Then we headed back to the boat and had a pleasant trip back. The ocean was much calmer and we got to watch the movie “Fly Boys” on the various flat screen TV screens. We made it back to the RV park by 1:30am.

I will continue with more tomorrow – want to show pictures of our trip to Dinosaur World…..

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