We made it back to Normal, IL with no problems. There was lots of rain in the Rockford area with some small hail, but the hail was too small to do any damage. We stopped at the Flying-J in South Beloit for fuel, which was a bit comical. A Condor motor home (kinda like Perry’s in St. Louis) pulled up next to us and proceeded to make a big mess while dumping their black water. The guy making the mess looked like he would have been more at home at the country club….. feel sorry for the people who need to use the dump station after he was done. John and I are glad that “amateur camping season” is now officially over. September through November is my favorite time to go camping. I love having a camp fire in the evening when the temps are a bit brisk while drinking hot chocolate and snuggling…

After we got home an setup we spent a few hours cleaning the exterior of the RV. I scrubbed the window covers with cleaner to remove the black streaks on them. They are nice and white now. We then scrubbed the entire motor home with black streak remover and automotive soap to get the road grime off. It was dark by the time we got done. I hope it looks good in the morning when it is light out.

Yesterday we toured the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee. The house was gorgeous – the owners of it have been doing a great job of restoring it to it’s original condition. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and kept things interesting. I asked her if the mansion is haunted and she did not believe it was but she said that other workers thought differently….. I purchased a Pabst Blue Ribbon t-shirt from the gift shop – I love PBR beer so I will cherish the shirt – they are a bit hard to find outside of Milwaukee.

We must have tired Prince out over the weekend – he slept most of the way home in his bed and now he is sleeping on the couch – wilted pussy!!

Tomorrow it is back to the old grind of converting insurance forms….

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