I had a busy day at work – got lots of insurance forms back that needed adjustments/changes made to them.

Today was John’s last day of working at Advance Auto Parts. John made some good friends at work and I’m sure he will miss them… It will be interesting to see what his next job will be.

Tonight we got the computer desk installed where the leather couch was. The desk reminds me a bit of a two sided piano. John is not overly thrilled with it – we still need to stain some parts of it and figure out how to make it work for us. It will be really nice to have a work area again.

While the carpenter, Mark, was working on installing the desk I sat outside under the awning, sitting on the leather j-sofa, drinking a 24oz can of Miller light and listening to Johnny Paycheck on 8-track. I was having a lovely trailer park moment. Tomorrow I will need to take all of the tiki-torches down and pack them away. John is not thrilled that I’m taking them along, but I can still get some use out of them at hamfest over the weekend ;)

My start date in Florida has been changed. We plan on staying at the hamfest in Peoria Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then starting for Florida on Monday morning. We have a few more days to get settled, figure out where I work and etc. I have been checking out the weather in Florida this week – highs in the upper 80′s and lows in the lower 70′s. The humidity is still a bit high – I’m sure it will take us some time to get adjusted.

Tomorrow I want to go clothes shopping – I like to have a new outfit for my first day – I only have one chance to make a first impression. Short sleeve dress shirts are on sale now so I should be able to find a few nice ones at a good price.

My “Polly Pockets of the World” travel bug has made it to a geocache located in Springfield, Illinois. So far she has made it 97 miles from where she started. It will be interesting to see if she makes it to Quartzite, Arizona or gets lost on the way….. I want to create one more travel bug and have it travel to a geocache that is close to where we will be staying in Florida. I will do this tomorrow evening.

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