I spent last evening doing laundry, organizing and cleaning inside the motor home. It was not too bad to do. John gets done with work today around noon, so he will have plenty of time to get the slide in, stow away anything that might move while going down the road and get his truck hooked up to the motor home.

I explained to Prince that we will be going to Milwaukee today, but I just don’t think he understood… he just wanted his belly rubbed and to be petted.

It will be interesting to see how John’s laptop, software and hardware connection to the motor home works out. If it does not work up to his expectations it may be a long weekend ;)

I made it to work by 7:30 so I hope we can be on the road by 4:30 – that should get us to Milwaukee by 8:30….. I hope traffic in the Rockford, IL area will not be too bad….


It is now 5:10 pm and we have been driving for about 45 minutes. John is enjoying seeing the engine statistics on the laptop. It is interesting to see how much our miles per gallon changes as we go up and down hills and etc. We are going 56.5 and getting an average of 7.8 MPG – which is reasonable. On nice flat road we get 9.7 mpg. It is also cool to see our progress on the DeLorme map.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone we are camping with this weekend – Buck/Jeff, Bernie/Mike/Simon, Dave/Mitch, Shannon and Scott. Simon is a foreign exchange student from Germany that Bernie and Mike are hosting this school year.

I chatted with Perry in St. Louis this morning and today is their 3rd anniversary – Happy Anniversary, Perry and Darrin! They are hosting a cookout at their place on Sunday which sounds like delicious fun!

Thinking about delicious fun reminds me that Brini Maxwell now has her own podcast. You can check out out at www.brinimaxwell.com and also on iTunes. Brini is a female impersonator who has his own cooking and decorating show on the Style Network. She is such a hoot to watch!

Brini Maxwell

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