This blog is now over a year old. My first online posting was on August 2nd, 2005. We were living in St. Louis and John had just started to take flying lessons. I’m somewhat amazed that I have stuck with having a blog and updating it regularly. It will be fun to look back each day and see what I was up to a year ago. To make it easier for people to look back at past blog postings I moved the archive section under the online cookbook on the right hand side.

I changed the title of the blog today to be “John and Derek’s Blog”. This is to help John feel more included. He has his own user name and password so he can add any postings he wants. You can also get to this blog by going to http://www.johnandderek.com. This url may be a bit easier for people to remember and spell then http://www.dereketnyre.com.

I went on a hour long walk with Scott and Molly starting at 6:10 am. I hate getting up that early, but I’m ok once I get going.
Had a typical day at work – making changes and corrections to more insurance forms. Just when I think I have a form done with, I get notified that more changes/corrections are needed.

I meet Scott for lunch at the Bangkok Thai restaurant we both like. I had the Pad Thai with tofu and Scott had the Chicken Larb salad. Both dishes were good.

I’m still doing fine with not eating meat. For breakfast I had two pop-tarts and coffee, for lunch I had the vegetarian Thai food and for supper I had cheese ravioli with meatless pasta sauce and a ear of leftover sweet corn.

Tomorrow for lunch CIBER (my consulting company) is buying pizza for all of the consultants and having a short meeting with us. They just want to go over policies and procedures and etc…. I’m sure they will have some cheese and veggie pizzas because several of the consultants from India are vegetarian.

After supper I worked on getting John’s laptop configured so it can print to the HP PSC 750 printer via the Airport Extreme. It connected and printed with no problem. Finally my Mac and John’s Dell can print without having to unplug cables and etc. John is working with a carpenter to have a computer desk built that will have work areas for both of us. It will be really nice to be able to have a computer work area, besides the kitchen table, again. It will probably be several weeks before it will be done.

John is helping Scott change the oil and fluids in his generator this evening. I wanted to wash the outside of the motor home after work but it looks like it is going to start raining… that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

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