We had a nice Sunday spending time with Dave, Mitch and Scott. It ended up being project day for us – John spent most of the afternoon working on the ice maker that was not working. He had it all apart and determined that the motor that turns the little gears that operates the ice ejection system was not working. John went to Sears to see if they would have the necessary part, but they do not have a parts department anymore. Dave called Aunt B. (high priestess of the church of the immaculate Winnebago) and he advised checking for a replacement icemaker at Best Buy. One call confirmed that they had one in stock. John picked it up and spent an hour or so installing it. We now have ice cubes. One more project done, several more to go…

While at Best Buy I purchased a dock for my iPod video so I can connect it to the TV and stereo. I attempted to hook it but, but I did not have much luck. I didn’t understand how John had everything connected. John ended up adding a switch so we can go between the xbox, ipod and DVD player. Now we can listen to the Lucky Bitch Radio podcast together and discuss Wanda Wisdom’s topic of the day… yeah… that will happen….

For supper we all went to Ruby Tuesday’s. They have a large salad bar that we all enjoyed. I’m still doing well with not eating meat. I had salad bar with broccoli and cheese soup. After supper we went back to the campground and enjoyed tiki-torch time.


Dave, John and Scott plotting the next project to work on.

Here is some pictures I took of the day:


John and Prince enjoying "Tiki Time".


Tiki Time with Dave, Scott and John.

Today (Monday) I went on an early morning walk (6:30am) with Scott and Molly around the neighborhood. We made it back just before a nasty storm started. We had a big down pour with thunder, lightening and wind that lasted for 45 mintues or so. Some rain leaked in around the slide-out by the drivers side chair. John determined that the slide out seal had not flipped around properly. It was an easy fix to put the slide in a bit and back out… No damage done just some damp dishes….

For breakfast I had yogurt and coffee, for lunch I had a bean burrito and for supper I had veggie hot dogs, corn on the cob and left over cole slaw.

I purchased an Apple Airport Express so we can share an internet connection and printer wirelessly. I’m frustrated with trying to get the Linksys router and print server configured so it works with my Apple and John’s Dell laptops. The Airport Express is supposed to be very easy to setup and it has close integration with the OS X Tiger operating system. If I can get it setup and working then anyone can… time will tell..

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