We had a nice day spending time with Dave, Mitch and Scott. In the morning Mitch and I went to the Bloomington farmers market and picked up some vegetables. I got a head of cabbage, cucumbers, onion and two cloves of garlic. I used the cabbage and onion to make cole slaw. I used a little Black and Decker handy chopper to shred the cabbage so it ended up a bit finer then I usually make. It reminded me of the cole slaw you get at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I then went with Scott to Mendards and Home Depot. He is finishing up a wiring project on his coach and I wanted a touch up stick for the cherry wood work and some cup hangers so I can hang my coffee cups up and out of the way of my dinner plates. The stain was a bit too light, but it is still helping to hide some of the minor dings in the wood.

For lunch we went back to the Bangkok Thai restaurant. I had a pad-thai dish with tofu that had wide noodles instead of the thinner ones. It was very spicy and good.

Bernie’s birthday is this Thursday. Email me at detnyre at mac dot com if you would like his summer address to send him a card. I spoke with Mike today and they are having a really nice time at their cabin in Minnesota. Their chocolate lab, AJ, is having a fun time running around and swimming.


View from inside of motor home of the mountains in North Carolina from last Sunday.

I finally found the docking station for my camera. Here is some pictures from the past week:


Johns towing setup for the Ford F250 truck. It worked out well.


Prince lounging on the front dash.

For supper Mitch made a big pan of meat loaf, corn on the cob and broccoli. Scott brought mashed potatoes. I brought cole slaw. Everything combined made a really nice meal.

My third day of not eating meat went well. For breakfast I had yogurt and coffee. For lunch I had the pad-thai with tofu and for supper I had Boca brats (veggie brats) instead of meat loaf. Only 27 more days to go.

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