Had a typical day at work – mostly worked on making changes to forms that I did several weeks ago and had finally been tested. After work I went grocery shopping at Kroger. We were out of bottled water, soda and main dish meal items.

I had supper with Scott – had salad, cheese ravioli with pasta sauce and bread. This was the first supper I’ve prepared in the motor home and everything turned out good. After supper we went for a walk to a park close to the trailer park and then around the trailer park itself. Even at 7:30 pm it was hot enough for me to break a sweat

John purchased a DVD player and installed it along with the xbox. He and Scott are still working on getting the dome satellite dish working. It is a TracVision LM by KVH Industries and their web site says it does not work with DishNetwork. We may need to change over to Direct TV….. I hope we can get a system with two tuners I can watch what I want in the bedroom while John is watching his shows in the living room. It would also be difficult to live without a DVR anymore – it is just way too handy to press a few buttons and have our favorite shows recorded each week.

I put Prince’s bed on the dashboard and he enjoys laying in it and watching the world go by… I took a few pictures of him, but I can’t find the docking station for the camera to upload the pictures. I’m sure I have it tucked away in a cabinet here somewhere…. Will try to get it tomorrow evening…

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