Work was uneventful. In the mens restroom one of the toilets has been plugged up with poo and toilet paper for the last three weeks (I’m not exaggerating). I find it amazing that the water was simply turned off to the toilet and it has just sat there. They continue to buy more and more air fresheners to cover up the smell. I find this rather funny and think I should form an office pool to guess when the toilet will be placed back into service. I spent most of the work day working on a form that I started on Tuesday and it is still not done. I have around 50 more forms that are just as long and complicated. Yeah.

Went to Bangkok Thai for lunch and had a yummy red curry dish with tofu. It was extra spicy hot as usual. For supper I had faux chicken patties (made with soybeans), red beans and rice and carrots.

My second geocache has been published and so far no one has found it. Polly Pockets is still waiting to be picked up and to start her journey.

I spent the evening continuing to organize stuff inside the motor home. Earlier in the week I purchased more matching storage boxes from Target so I used these to put like things together. I also spent time filing away bank statements, insurance papers and etc. It is amazing to see how much paperwork we need to keep….

John opened up the front dash board and was finally able to locate the engine diagnostics port. He plans to purchase some software and hardware to connect a computer directly to the motor home. This will enable him to monitor detailed engine statistics while going down the road. Just another project in a long list of motor home improvements we want to do….. I’m sure Scott and the high priestess of the immaculate Winnebago will help us identify some more projects to work on ;)

This weekend I want to go out Geocaching again. Think tomorrow night I will start to plan out an area to go to that has lots of caches to find…..

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