Work went fast today. I had a 1:00 meeting at the south campus of the major insurance company so that helped to divide the day up because I had to drive to and from the meeting.

After work I went to my first geocache and replaced the log sheet that had become wet. I then left my first travel bug at the geocache. I’m sending the Polly Pocket toy that Rich and Lloyd gave me for my 37th birthday (last year) to Quartzite, Arizona to visit Hi Jolly the camel rancher’s monument. If you have no idea who Hi Jolly was – you can check out this article that explains: Hi Jolly. I visited the memorial when we went to Quartzite in 2004. You can follow Polly’s progress at this url: Polly’s Adventure.


Polly's all packed and ready to travel to Quartzite Arizona.

Here is a picture of Polly that I took right before I dropped her off:

It will be really interesting to see if she makes it or gets lost on her way…

I then placed a new cache that will appear on www.geocaching.com in a few days. This will be my 2nd cache.
Scott made it back to Normal this evening. We chatted about our weekends and worked on getting an internet connection between his motor home and ours.

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