Work was work. I had a bean and rice burrito for lunch and for supper we had grilled cheese sandwiches, corn on the cob and macaroni salad. I’ve made it 10 days without eating meat – I expect to make it until the end of the month with no problem.

John worked on the docking lights on the motor home – they were not connected right and one was burned out. He found some replacements at Advance and got them installed. The new lights are much brighter then the original ones.

I made another trip to Target and got some more storage boxes and drawer organizers. I got a plastic drawer to hold all of my 8-tracks – they all just fit so I can’t obtain any more. I even got our “junk drawer” organized.

We have been watching “Kyle XY” on ABC. Matt Dallas is rather easy on the eyes but it seems like each episode poses more questions then any answers. The plot is getting interesting so I’m sure I will keep watching… I hope it does not keep stringing us along with no closure….

Here is a picture of Prince sleeping on the couch – we must have tired him out yesterday because he slept most of the way home on the couch – he was so cute…


Matt Dallas plays Kyle XY

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