I’m writing this while we are driving back from my parents house. We are on I-88 East going past the sign for Castle Rock, Lowden and White Pines state parks. We will be back home by 4:00pm. It is really nice to have my laptop plugged in and charging while travelling.

Yesterday we spent some time waxing the back cap of the motor home along with the wheels. We still have the side with the door to do…. We then went to Clinton, IA and had lunch with Mom and Dad at The Pizza Ranch. It was a good buffet with salad bar, pizza and chicken. I had salad bar, breadsticks and cheese pizza. On the way back we stopped at a flea market between Fulton, IL and Thomson, IL. I purchased 5 8-tracks for $1.25 and John got a new tri-fold billfold.

For supper we had some of the home grown sweet corn and it was really good – very sweet and tender.

I found a news article about how the FS (Farm Service) in Bloomington, IL is selling biodiesel. I sent them an email asking if it is possible for us to purchase some for the Motor Home. It would be very cool if we could find a source for cheaper fuel.

This morning I went to the Thomson Village Hall to get a copy of the water/sewer/garbager collection system I programmed for them 12 years ago. I only needed to spend an hour or so there. I will need to spend around 12 hours this next few weeks to get their system working with the hand held meters.


The front of Mom and Dad's stand

My parents stand was busy – they are selling lots of sweet corn, tomatoes and water melons.


Mom and Dad


Motor home and truck

If you are in the North West Illinois area you can stop at their stand. It is located 6 miles north east of Thomson on the Argo Fay Route or 2 miles west of the Route 78 / Argo Fay Route junction. Look for the Argo Acres sign just south of Argo Fay.

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